Walnut Grove Missouri



The Walnut Grove area was first settled in the 1830s. Families from Tennessee made up many of the early settlers including; Williams, Walsh, Mallory, Leeper, Williamson, Sumners, Carey, Sims, Killingsworth, Bartleson, Welch, Looney. Many of these families still have descendents in the area.

In early days the site of Walnut Grove was widely known as "Possum Trot"and was first incorporated as Walnut Grove in 1866. other milestones include:

Between Walnut Grove and Ash Grove a high grade limestone was discovered during the railroad construction and in 1913 the Phenix Marble Company was born, producing large quantities of ‘Phenix Napoleon Gray Marble." the Phenix quarry produce marble for many buildings throughout the state. A company town of about 500 grew up around it. Today the town is gone and the quarry under different ownership still operates at a much smaller scale.


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